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I guess in the past a few folks have sort of implied I am a bit on the reckless side when it comes to safety but that really isn't true; after all- who wants half their hand blown off? As I think about the whole issue I think I usually wait a bit in between reloading because I use the scope to look at the six shots I just fired- I might spend a minute of so doing that. Maybe a lot of other percussion revolver shooters do the same thing.
I have a single shot pistol as well, a "Kentucky" type if that better describes it, and I never pour from a flask on that gun. On the other hand there seems to be more fouling.
In any event, for about thirty plus years I've loaded my percussion revolver straight from a flask and never gave it a thought- at least now I'm thinking about the whole thing. I'll probably at least look down the chambers more often and make sure I wait a bit before reloading. If I ever do hear of such an accident, then its a measure for sure. If anyone else does- let us know!
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