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As Ronald Reagan always said, "Well....."

I am among those who have found no tangible evidence of the explosion of a flask when loading directly from a flask into the chamber of a revolver.

I have asked CVA, NRA, NMLRA and none have any record of an occurrence. Both NMLRA and CVA caution against loading directly from a flask but both of the requirements are general enough that an argument could be built that the precaution applies only to long arms. I have never been at a NMLRA sanctioned event but I have read in this forum of the existence of the prohibition of loading a revolver directly from a flask but that the rule seems not to be universally enforced.


The absense of evidence, as "Rifleman1776" so capably states, does not imply the confirmation of safety. To wait for the thing to explode and then say, "Gee, maybe I should not have done it that way." could be declared to be foolhearty.

On the other hand, if anyone in this forum were to watch the way I load, they would walk away from the experience with the conviction that the likelyhood of a problem resulting from an ember igniting powder in the spout of the flask which then travels to the main reservoir is remote in the extreme.
Unless you have been there any contradiction would have to emerge from either overgeneralization or emotion. Neither should be relied upon as a basis for safety practice.


Loading directly from the flask to the chamber is at least minimally (and possibly significantly) more dangerous than using a measure to transfer the charge. To some that increase in danger is enough to impede them from doing it. It is sufficient for them to interpret NMLRA rules in such a way as to conclude that they apply to revolvers as well as long arms. I can offer no credible argument to the contrary. Do as you like. But don't tell me I am a scofflaw unless you watch how I do it.

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