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I was headed home from the airport when I saw him. There's ALOT of good habitat out their.I was dropping my brother off, cuz he was flying home (valdez.) He was over here for a wedding. This was about, say, 4:30pm, it was just getting dark. Yeah, there's a really big moose wondering around spenard with christmas lights tangled in his antlers That happens to a couple moose a year up here. They try to feed on the small trees in peoples yards and get wrapped up. Man I'd like to find were this bull drops his antlers, he's about a 45 incher, with really long defined tines.
Another place we nearly always see moose is on tudor, between where it turns to muldoon, and the cop-shop road. It sure would be nice if they opened up a short weekend bow-hunt in the bowl. There are some monsters here in town!!
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