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I got myself into hot water....

.....over this topic some time ago because I told a new guy that I load directly from the flask to the chamber much as Fingers and Smokin gun do. My error was to failed to point out the obvious dangers involved when the weapon has been recently (Within the last five minutes) fired.

I do this but have adopted a process which I feel minimizes the risk to a level which I am willing to accept.

I am of the opinion that there are plenty of folks who won't load a revolver from a flask on the strength of the argument that it is dangerous (which it is)but who also smoke cigarettes, exceed the speed limit regularly, speed up to make a yellow light on yellow, fill their lawn mower from a gas can that holds more gas than is needed to fill the tank, or wash their revolvers in the kitchen sink while the missus isn't looking.

I hasten to admit that when I shot long arms, I never used a flask to load. Always a measure which I made from an empty casing dipped into the powder.


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