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I was driving out on Minnessota drive this evening and spotted a couple of moose just moseying across the road. We see them out there alot, but it's still awesome. At first it looked like the one was bigger, a cow and calf maybe, but then when we got close I noticed the second one was a small bull and the cow was about his size. His antlers were about 8 inches long and had about hand size palms on them. Probably about a 3 or 4 point, but too dark to count, and we didn't stop, we just drove on by.
I'm getting prety excited. Late seasons starts in a couple days, and I've seen two small bulls in a week. Niether were legal size, but just seeing horns get's by blood pumpin'. Can't wait to go out next weekend. Maybe I'll go for a couple evening drives this week
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