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Okay- now the debate begins. I have done a bit of reading on the topic and in historical diaries, etc you actually run across the occasional frontiersman who was injured pouring a charge down the barrel of a rifle- directly from the powder horn. BUT.... I can't recall the same with revolvers. What's more, I can't ever remember seeing any sort of measure in a cased set of percussion revolvers. Why? I have no clue. I THINK maybe on a rifle there is a lot more fouling in the bore- just run a clean cloth up and down. On the revolver- I can't remember looking into a chamber and finding all sorts of fouling- maybe the best bet is to pull off the cylinder and run a cloth swab in all the chambers to check for fouling.
ANYHOW, I started over 40 years ago on revolvers, always loading from a flask, everyone did, BUT at the same time always using a measure on a rifle.
SO...has anyone had or actually heard of a actual accident with percussion revolvers in loading from a flask?
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