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4" barrel, SN 52830 from the butt, front face of cylinder and behind hooded extractor rod, barrel says 38 S&W SPECIAL CTG. Grip has single screw in the center. On the face of the cylinder it also has B<>, sort of a diamond shape. Non adjustable sights.

Any info on age and whether it will handle plus P's would be appreciated.
Pictures really helped on this one!
You have a model .38/44 Heavy Duty. It's a 38 special on a 44 cal (N) frame. This was the forerunner of the S&W 357 registered Magnums.
Serial numbers ran from 35037 in 1930 to 62335 in 1941.
It was made to handle hot 38 special loads, way above todays 38+P's.
The grips are not original.
Standard barrel length was 5". 4" and 6.5" are scarce and worth $$$.
Measure your barrel from the face of the cylinder to the end of the barrel.

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