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My intention, when I finally get it to the range, is to do a bit of a torture test on it. I can't put thousands of rounds through it, but after the initial cleaning and lube i will just keep firing it over the course of a few weeks to see when (if) it malfunctions. Your results may vary!

To be clear, I bought this gun to put holes in paper targets, and possibly do some competition shooting. I like the accuracy of my Series 70 Colt 1911, but prices for 45 ammo are 2x more than 9mm around here, and reloading is not an option for me. I hope the GP6 delivers on the accuracy/cost of firing ratio, but we'll see.

My first home defense gun purchase was a trusted G17, which still sits in my bedroom loaded with 17 rounds of Corbon +P JHP ammo and a laser/light combo attached. Sure, it's clean now, but I know it will be ready to shoot even after sitting dry in a safe or a desk drawer for a couple of years. Given the size of my house, long-range accuracy is a lot less important for me than reliability, and I feel like I know what I'm getting with the Glock...
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