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I know this is a "production" competition gun, but why do you think it is, somehow, worse than a regular production gun like the XD, the glock, or the M&P?

This gun is used by military personnel and law enforcement according to articles on the STI web-site...

The Grand Power web-site states:

Model Mk6 with SA/DA regime and new frame is a result of incorporation of the most strict requirements imposed for universal gun with its ergonomics suitable for shooters of practical disciplines as well as for special units of military forces. After consulting the sport shooters was roughage change in order to improve effectiveness and form new slope to magazine shaft. Frame has new trigger guard and customer is allowed to choose an option between magazine release through button or lever same at H&K USP or W99. For global military forces is front part of the frame fitted with universal tactic rail MIL 1913 Picatinny rail. Manual safety has new plastic wing with ledge. Sights consist of sideadjustable steel sight and plastic fibre optic sight

Why do you think this doesn't work while "dirty," while the Glock and others will?

Do you have a reference to a study or review that provides information? I think plenty of the folks who use CZs around here might disagree that a "competition gun" can't be as efficient or useful as a "glock."
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