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Posts: 769 is a website for Open Carriers. You can find stories listed by state. MI currently has over 77,000 posts and one thread that is over 300 pages long on just Open Carry experiences. The VAST majority (99%) of these experiences look something like this: "OC'd in Wal-Mart, Gas Station, McDonalds for lunch, then took the dog for a walk. No issues." Every once in a while you get something weird like Mawetta is describing, but those issues are always resolved in court and end up on the side of the defendant. Even with that, not a single person has ever spent anytime in jail or had to pay a bond (that I know of) for anything brought about as a result of legally Open Carrying a firearm.

Does that mean everyone should open carry? Absolutely not. Does that mean that the police and general public are learning that gun owners aren't a bunch of crazy redneck Hutaree members out looking to vigilante the city into submission? Read some of the stories about positive police encounters. Even some in Detroit.
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