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Paper carts ... I started with cig papers and the following I found to be successfull ... depending on how much work you want to put into it...Nitrated Paper works the best...home made with sheets or pages of phonebooks and a messy stove when done.

Well, here's a good start...and would get some while it's bein' sent.
In case you din't get the number it is, 760 967 8235 Ron & Alicia Rhodes, Oceannside ,CA...I ordered 5 lbs. of Potassium Nitrate, used as a stump killer.
Cost was #.98 alb. I had to pay CA sales [email protected]%, S&H $5.41 UPS ground.
Without that heavy paper won't burn, like 22# or multi purpoe copy paper. I'm gonna try newspaper in my Sharps .54...make a dowl get some adhesive like Carquest Metalic Seal(susposed to be the best.
Now ifin your jus' doing Rev cart. "Top" smokin' papers work great no additives...make a dowl lick and fill with BP. Ball can be roled in papertwisted at both ends and snip or powder seperate, or try and glue he friggin' paper to the ball or that's fun...HeeHee!
That's about all there is to it.
LEE MOLD 54 Cal.Oversize .540-415M 90474 Serv.Parts $25.98

Here's where you'd start:

Potassium Nitrate - KNO
Also known as saltpeter, this is commercially used as a diuretic for animals.
It also works as an oxidizing agent in various pyrotechnic mixtures. That is,
when heated it provides the oxygen needed to make the rest of the mixture

Potassium Potassium
Nitrate Nitrite Oxygen

2KNO ---> 2KNO + O
3 2 2

Here's the process that worked for me the first time...31 sheets 60 mins. with clean up...if married send you wife shoppin' with your credit card.

Took about 40 min. to produce 25 sheets of dried Cumbustable paper.(after testing successfully)

1) Used 3 1/2 tablespoons KNO3 to 1 cup of extremely hot water from the tap. Pour in beeker and thuroughly desolved KNO3.

2) Preheated oven to 250F with window screen and a fish fryer screen to set wet paper on in the oven trays.

3)Using a 8" x 8" brownie pan poured the 1 cup of solution into it... still hot (heated in a pan of hot water on stove)
Useing the pan on a burner to keep solution hot.

4)Wetting the sheets in the pan dunking and submerging them 4-5 times till saturated. Placing them on the screens in the oven.
(no soaking for hours)

5) Papers are dry in 15 min. or so maybe less.

6) Test results Photos ... See PG2



The Lab

The Soakin'

Keepin' Solution Hot

The Dryin'

Burn Test

Test Successful

As you can see I used a local Directory Yellow my opinion when dried this paper dencity is perfect for Revs or Rifles...

Hope you liked it, cause I did...

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