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This is a good one about 20 miles south of Richmond, Va. (Prince George County) in the triangle between Chester, Va., Petersburg, Va. and Hopewell, Va. I think its actually on the grounds of Ft. Lee, a U.S. Army base, but its open to the general public. I've never seen anyone in uniform there. However, because its on the base, and the military trains through that area, its only open on Sundays and possibly on Wednesdays. It's a very under-utilized firing range. I haven't lived in the area for ten years, but I used to shoot there all the time. Cheap to use and fired my own ammo.

A lot of people in the Richmond, Va. area seem to have trouble finding a place to shoot, particularly if they want to use their own ammo. They should try this one. It's an easy jaunt down 1-95 from Richmond. Check out the following hyperlink.
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