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Denster, that;s why I stated to adjust ads needed... backin' off the TG/Bolt spring srew won't make the differance that you mentioned. I basically jus' barely back off the screw...all you need to do is lighten the snap went it hits the cylinder...with the clyinder removed I use my thumnail as it were the cylinder. Ifi hurts yur thumb back it off till I don't and be sure you the have bolt head up high enough on lock up. But I'm with you on if the bolt drops significantly you certainly will not like the way it'd try to lock up.
I know it ain't Rocket Science, it's harder to explain than to do or show ya know... :O) But it does work and it's an excellant starting point with any revolver new to a Pard or with a ring/gouge around the cylinder.
Very good point you made Denster ...that's a bit deeper than what I was talkin' about.
So ifin what I said don't do it for ya you have a lil bigger problem. You need to go to Part 2 when it's needed, what Denster is speakin' of.
That's for Part2...Denster you can post it as I'm typin' with one hand and my whole good arm in a cast :O)
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