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Hi Jim. Thanks for the reply. The 4" screw would indeed seem to be a good way to extract the nitro card. That would effectively end this theoretical problem because then the powder could be poured out, and whatever residue from the powder and lube was left could be washed out, and then the primer could be punched out.

Don't much like your old saying. It flies in the face of the motto I learned way back when I was a Boy Scout: BE PREPARED.

The average cost per shell isn't an issue. I've already plunked down my $65 for 10 of them. The idea when I bought them was to have a little bit of relatively cheap fun. They've certainly been all that. Fun to shoot, fun to handload, fun to talk about. Since I only have 10 of them, there's been no need for a lot of mechanized equipment. After experimenting enough to learn how much fiber wadding I should use, I got it down to a science, and have found I can load all 10 shells entirely by hand inside 30 minutes, without rushing.

Again, thanks for your help Jim. I respect your advice. DG
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