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Wait--I think the X was on the side of the hammer. CRS But me and my roomate took it apart because it chain fired and thought it needed some real expert fixin If I remember correctly, that same X on the hammer was also stamped on the hammer hand. The gun was solid. After learning to grease the chambers, we shot all the balls, powder and caps (maybe 25 or so) with no problems. It had an extra ordinary hair trigger which I accidently shot a trench across my palm tryin to aim it at a bird. Hell,I was 18 or 19 then. Just as dumb as I am now!!! I though I shot my fingers off. I was lucky. Anyway, after renewing interest in these, I grease each chamber w/ crisco. Watch out for a ball getting seated in your barrel. I've seen 2 this year where folks brought in a banna peal! I have never read or heard of anyone hurting themselves badly by these mistakes--but I'm sure it happens.
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