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stupid aclu

the aclu took it upon itself to make a local school district near where I live rewrite it's disciplinary policy. my wife is a teacher in that district.
So far, suspending a student is limited to 1 day out of school, the rest in-house suspension, as so the child won't be dumbstruck by lack of an education.
and the student CAN carry weapons onto school grounds, and they can NOT be taken away unless the student waves the weapon in a threatening manner.
(so students get CCW rights, but us responsible adults don't.)
a student can not be suspended for more that 2 weeks in an entire school year, (including in-house suspension). Detensions can not last longer than 15 minutes.
to expel a student, a hearing MUST be attained, and legal counsel/advocate will be provided to the parents free of charge, as so they parents are aware of what's going on and the students legal rights.

The students have more power than administrators.. and you want to know why students go ape **** with guns in schools.. because the aclu is there to allow it. as a way of..........expressing themselves.

the district ran out of money 2 yrs ago and couldn't fight the aclu anymore and had to cave in. next year they're going to have enough funds to overturn this stupidity, but.. hard to say. when 1 attorney works for free, and the other is paid.. who do you think's gonna win?

OH.. for graduation at a school in the same district. a student was NOT going to graduate the 8th grade and will be held back.
the mother of this 1 child, went to the principal to say that nobody's names should be read aloud as so her child won't be embarassed because he won't be moving on with the rest of the class. the principal went to the superintendant... who made this across the board.. no school willl read aloud names of any graduating student, as to not offend anyone.

How stupid a society we're in.
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