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There are these tiny little microbes that are the world's worst practical jokers. They think it's just hillarious if more than one chamber goes off at a time on C&B revolvers. They are so small and fast moving that the cannot be seen by the naked human eye; even one outfitted with bi or tri focals. The only known 100% effective preventative measure is the use of not less than 35% by volume of unobtainium in casting projectiles. The unobtanium is like garlic to a vampire and repels the microbes. Unfortunately, these pesky microbes multiply faster than a warren of wandy wabbits and are virtually impossible to erradicate. The best you can hope for is keeping them away from a loaded cylinder. Lacking a sufficient supply of unobtainium for bullet casting, tight fitting balls & caps; while not 100% reliable, will hinder microbe movement and are an effective substitute.
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