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Originally Posted by KyJim
andrewstorm said:
something incomprehensible
Your message is lost on me and, I'm sure, a lot of others.
I'm definitely with you on this, at least for the most part. However, he did say....
Originally Posted by andrewstorm
...the key word is unlawful user,in the fed statue,once u r issued a card you become a lawfull user,...
And while I understand what he wrote, he is completely wrong.

One might he a lawful user under state law. But one can not be a lawful user under federal law. Under federal law, marijuana is a Schedule I controlled substance and may not be lawfully (under federal law) prescribed.

So a person who may be lawfully using marijuana under a state medical marijuana law is still an unlawful user under federal law and therefore a prohibited person under 18 USC 922(g)(3).
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