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The Herter's Model Perfect Power Mag pistols were manufactured by J.P. Sauer and Sohn of West Germany, and were imported by Herter's.
The Sauer and Sohn name was never stamped on the gun; but “Manufactured in West Germany” was present on the left side of the barrel, as was the “Herters Waseca MINN USA” label.
Also inscribed on the left side was the serial number and proof marks, which indicated the year of production (the latter was a two-digit ID).
The right side of the barrels were stamped, “Herters Single, XXX (.357/.401/.44) Calibre”.
Overall, the pistols were well built, and had bluing that was in-line with that of their Ruger counterparts.

What really stands out is the design of the Power Mags - “Unusual” is a word that comes to some minds, since if any two features detracted from the lines of the Powermag it was definitely the grip-shape and rear sight configuration.
The gripframes were very long & thin, clad in hard plastic panels with rather squarish rear edges.
The rear sights had huge protective ears that required a higher than normal front sight - also giving these revolvers a distinctive look.

As George Herter would say: They're Perfect !"

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