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FWIW, I don't see Kagan's comments likening the NRA to the KKK. Both were organizations that the Clinton administration didn't like. Is that any secret to anyone here? She might have also compared the Jewish Defense League to the KKK in this context.

I'm not saying that she is, or ever will be, a gun rights advocate, but what she did as an advocate for her employer (the Clinton administration) and what she believes privately are not necessarily one and the same. ACLU lawyers are quick to support the right of the KKK to march or exercise other of their Constitutional rights. (Except, of course, their 2nd Amendment Rights. ) Does that make them racist, or even indicate that they have racist beliefs?

Kagan certainly wouldn't be my choice for the Supreme Court. But I believe she's still about the most benign of those on President Obama's short list.
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