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Has Kagan compared the NRA to the KKK?

This piece in the National Review suggests Supreme Court nominee Kagan has compared the NRA to the KKK. The Review says it found two documents suggesting this.

Both documents stem from her service with the Clinton administration. It involved review of a bill that would give immunity to certain charities. In the first document, a colleague wrote that "bad guy orgs" like the NRA and KKK might be granted immunity by the bill. There is some handwriting on it which the Review says appears to be Kagan's.

The second document is a memo from this same colleague to Kagan. It says he checked and that neither the NRA or KKK was on the tax exempt list covered by the bill and then states, "“If you have other names you want me to run down in the Cumulative List, I would be glad to check them out.” This, says the Review writer, suggests Kagan had requested the check of the NRA and KKK.

I know that some posters here have suggested Kagan might be the best of a bad lot of potential nominees on gun rights. Some even mention she has apparently shot a gun before. But, as we know, those opposed to gun rights have always believed they have the right to own guns, just that the average man or woman can't be trusted with them. Witness gun control aimed at African-Americans in the Jim Crowe era in the South. There have been a number of prominent gun grabbers who have their own guns but insist the average person should not.

So, the question is whether this latest news really places any real impediment in Kagan's pathway?
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