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Just a follow-up to this thread, a few years downrange...

My fix for this safe worked great up until mid-May, when I assume the re-worked o-ring "cable" came loose or broke. I didn't have time to disassemble or repair, so I was forced to start using my key again on the rare occasions I needed into the safe.

Fast forward to Monday when my car was broken into at a local park. I regularly jog through a park near my home, and I had removed the "extra" keys from my keychain to reduce the jingling mass that otherwise bounces around in my pocket. Of course, my GunVault key was one of the keys left behind in my vehicle, and sure enough that set of keys was stolen.

It dawned on me last night that I am now unable to access my GunVault via the keypad, and my primary safe key has been stolen. I spent some time last night searching for the backup key that GunVault gives you, but it seems I placed it in such a secure location that even I may likely never find it. I had never planned on needing both keys, as I always counted on the keypad in the event I lost my keys.

Now I'm left with two choices - contact GunVault to try to obtain a new key at unknown cost, or break into the safe, probably by irreversibly damaging it. I'm going to think on it for a few days, but I may very well be posting new pictures of a destroyed GunVault Multi Deluxe here in a few days... That, or tips on how to successfully compromise the locking mechanism on this style safe in a very James Bond manner...

Anyway, I only post this as an anecdote about how these kinds of things snowball over time and lead to more trouble downrange. The moral of this story is the same as before - invest in a quality mechanical product that is far less susceptible to failure, especially if your life depends on it. Fortunately, mine does not, so I can afford the hassle.
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