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Well, I've heard of it, just never seen one and I'll bet not many others have either. You might call it a non-starter or something. In a way, it was a development of a trend in hot small bore cartridges for revolvers that seemed to have a limited degree of popularity in the 1940s and 1950s, most of which might be called wildcats. The .22 Kay-chuck was another. I don't think there's anything like that in revolvers today. These days extra big-bores get more interest but come to think of it, there are a couple around at the moment. How different are they?

Another thing that seems to have come and gone is the practice of putting long relief telescopes on revolvers, something those hot little revolvers might have benefited from. I gather there must have been a relative abundance of war surplus German telescopes that were mounted in the original scout-rifle format.

The Colt PPS is a charming little revolver and I once owned one. It shows up a lot in old movies, no doubt why I wanted one. They are a nice size, too, and I've seen several excellent examples. For shooting, however, they seem extra stiff, because of the hand that gives it that rigid lock-up, if you can describe it that way.
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