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S&W Model 1917 45 revolver hammer block question

I own a 1937 Brazilian contract version of the S&W Model 1917 45 cal. revolver. I was trying to figure out if it has a hammer block (which I assume is meant to make it safe to carry with 6 rounds in the cylinder instead of 5, right?).I don't know what to look for though.

I know theres a schematic and parts list online at and from there you go to S and find Smith &Wesson, and from there go to Smith & Wessons Model 1917 revolver to find the schematic drawing and parts list.

Key N-53 is supposedly the hammer block, but they're out of stock and there's no image. There are two different sideplates listed, both shown as Key N- 22A. One is for item # 374620 (does not use N-53 block). The other is for Item # 374650 (which is for the N-53 Block). If there were images maybe I could tell from the type of sideplate I have whether my gun has the block.

Can anybody show me a photo of a hammer block on a M-1917 Smith or a photo of the two different sideplates and identify which one uses the hammer block?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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