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And here's a question...would the Dems have offered this deal to the NRA if they thought they could have passed this latest abomination in the face of their opposition? No. This is classic "divide and conquer". The NRA is negotiating to be eaten last.
Considering that the sponsor of the bill to except the NRA isn't part of the Dem leadership, I'd say a more likely explanation is the Democratic leadership has let it be known that this bill will be a party discipline vote and the Blue Dog Dems are trying not to go into the November elections with a negative rating from the NRA.

IF it is a party discipline vote AND the Dems can hold that line, then there is no question that it is passing.

Should I send them a nasty e-mail or just forgot it?
If you are a member of an organization and they aren't living up to what you expect out of them, you should absolutely let them know - whether that is a Congressman, Homeowners Association or the NRA.
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