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A sure thing...

The NRA is negotiating a "sure thing" with the same people that had the IRS audit them throughout most of the 90s. The same people that gave us Brady, Lautenberg and the AWB. The same people that wanted to leave the trial lawyers the capacity to sue the gun industry out of existence.

The only "sure thing" here is that the NRA is doing what they accused the anti's of doing...picking and choosing which of the Bill of Rights they'll support. All that need be done here is to say, "no", and then have the membership lean on their representatives to vote "no".

And here's a question...would the Dems have offered this deal to the NRA if they thought they could have passed this latest abomination in the face of their opposition? No. This is classic "divide and conquer". The NRA is negotiating to be eaten last.

EDITED: And if campaign finance reform is the goal, why does the goverment always have to have MORE power? Here's some reform...any citizen or US corporation can donate as much as they want to whomever they want. But every dime has to be disclosed within 24 hours. Every. Dime. This, as opposed to yet another byzantine set of rules, limits, exceptions, etc. Freedom. How's that for a concept?
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