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Got the new hammer block from S&W, here are the results

I posted a thread last week about a couple problems with the hammer block in my J frame. A couple of you wanted to know how it turned out so here it is.

The new hammer block they sent me is now the correct one and fits fine, and the good news is they are no longer making them by MIM like the one that originally came with the gun. It appears to be of the same material and craftsmanship of the older style only it does not have the twist in it. Also as you can see in the photo where as before the hammer block at the top was U shaped, it is now a slight bend.

Conclusion. Older J frames have the original strait hammer block with the twist pictured on the far right, newer J frames have the hammer block pictured on the far left with a bend in it. The side plate is cut differently for each to fit the particular hammer block. I Put 50 rounds through the gun today with no problems and dry fired it a couple hundred times to see if the hammer block would hold up and so far it is. I recommend that if you have a MIM hammer block to call smith and wesson and ask for a new one seeing as mine was faulty.
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