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I don't get out into the wilds enough to where a man NEEDS a firearm to protect himself from creatures sporting teeth and claws, nor do I regularly hunt. My firearm "needs" out in the woods are for just-in-case.

I'm experienced enough that should the SHTF, a gun is not going to make or break me (probably). However, there is something wholesome about packing around a piece of technology that put food on the table and men in holes for generations. I certainly wouldn't feel undergunned with only a BP revolver on me while I take my walks...walks, I might add squarely in cougar and two-legged country.

Another added benefit that I can see to BP is that it isn't just an offensive/defensive lethal weapon, but that it can also be used as a noise maker to scare a critter you would rather not tangle with (lots of smoke, fire, and man-made smells coming out of shot). Load it up with plenty of powder and no ball and you have a nice report and flash beacon should you get turned around in the dark

That said, if I'm just going for a short walk, a light polymer pistol using smokeless is just much easier to pack. If I'm going out in the woods/woods, I don't think I would mind carrying my '58 Remington. If I'm making an event out of the hike, the added weight and care needed for the gun doesn't bother me too much.
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