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Seriously,....i'm beginning to think Gunpal is "needing" to use the float to stay afloat!

WHY else would so many people have to wait so long to get paid?

I pay a bill online from my bank checking account,....and it shows up in 2 days tops!

IF i finally get paid my $4000.00 on 6-17-10 in the AM (and the subsequent $450.00 transfer i initiated also) ,....then that will have been 26 days from when i started the transfer,....and my account showed a "confirmation" of it. That was a bold faced LIE if you look at my actual
e-mails presented earlier.

It just isn't right,...and the CEO of Gunpal has GOT to be aware of these things ,....or he shouldn't be the CEO!

Remember, "The buck stops here"....

.......and if they're the "leader" in the online payment services in their nitch,....they are grossly mistaken and ego driven.

They are a legend in their own mind.

BTW,....i made it clear to them early on i have been out of work since december and was selling items to live on,.... and this delay was creating a hardship for me.

.....bottom line they don't give a crap about their customers, spite of that garbage line that "your business is extremely important to us" at the end of every customer service email i got.. RIGHT....

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