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The NRA is a single issue organization - and that issue is the Second Amendment, not the First. The only reason the NRA opposed McCain-Feingold was because it restricted their ability to support the Second Amendment. This new legislation specifically exempts the NRA, so it doesn't have that problem.

There is lots of legislation that I think is a bad idea and I do not want to see pass; however, that doesn't mean I want to see the NRA get involved in everyone of those fights. I want the NRA to develop a broad base of support for the Second Amendment - and it cannot do that if it is busy getting involved in every single piece of legislation.

the NRA is now selling out dozens of organizations that are not their size or longevity in order to be exempt from the law the Dems are concocting to gut the court decision!!
The NRA doesn't owe anything to smaller organizations with different lobbying goals. It owes its attention to its members and should be doing what it can to promote its stated mission. You can't very well sell out somebody when you didn't ever have a duty to assist them in the first place.

There comes a time when you have to stand by your beliefs
The NRA is over 4 million members. Which of those members beliefs are they supposed to stand by when they start getting involved in non-Second Amendment legislation? What about the members that don't agree? Should they continue to support the NRA fighting against their beliefs on other issues just because they have the same belief on guns?

The NRA is a single-issue organization for a good reason.
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