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When I put in my current loading area in what is the wife and my common area - easy chairs, TV, stereo, etc. -, I attached the frame to the wall with long screws through the sheetrock and into the 2X6 studs. Then one layer of screwed and glued plywood onto the fraame and a second layer also glued and screwed.

Then because the work area is about 12' long, I have knee braces about every 4'. This work area goes no where!!!!!!!!!!!

I have plans to build in drawers under the bench, at which time the knee braces would be removed.

However, and the best part of it is, there are NO, none, zip, zero holes or cut outs in the table top formica.

All loading tools are mounted to the under bench receiver tube system which allows for changing tools, adding tools, etc. or having none at all and all with smooooooothy, finished and oak trimmed bench/table.

I am pooter challenged as to posting images, but will gladly send images to anyone that wants to send me their "E" address.

Wish I could lay claim to the receiver system idea. Can't, but it is the best system, bare none, of anything I have ever seen anywhere, even among all the goods ones posted on the forums.

Keep em coming!

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