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I really don't believe in double posting but, just this once, I'm putting this on both Rifle and The Hunt forums, hoping to draw input from those who might frequent one forum and not the other. If moderator of either forum elects to dump this topic, I will not be upset - - -

Please share some expertise with me. I am fairly new to use of the .308 cartridge except for FMJ in military style rifles. Haven't ever used it in bolt guns up til now.

I am working toward settling on an all around factory load for my Savage Scout rifle. I want something to keep with it in trunk of the car for possible business use, but which is also good for hunting.

My SOP with other rifles has been to find a factory load that I like and then work up a hand load that shoots to same point of aim, but, usually, more accurately. This is why I am trying to standardize on a factory load for all around carry and hunting use first off.

I really like the 165 gr. in .30-06 ammo--maybe a bit more than needed for white tails, perhaps a little light for elk or moose. No, I've never gotten either of these, but I hunted bear in Canada where moose roamed, and twice overlaid my tracks with theirs. And I HUNTED for elk with my aught-six, unsuccessfully.

Another reason I lean toward the 165 in .308 is so I can load it to come close to the 165 match ammo the county buys for our sharpshooters. I am issued a small amount of that for annual qualifications.

I know a lot of people like the 180 for .308, especially in shorted barrels and with lower power scopes. The less-flat trajectory shouldn't be a problem when you limit yourself to around 250 yards. I bought some Remington Express 180 RN and some Winchester 180 PSP factory ammo. My rifle likes the Remington a lot better. Haven't tried the factory 165 yet.

I still haven't blooded that rifle yet, but look forward to doing so this month. And, as always, planning for the hunt is part of the fun.

Thanks for the input. Best regards to all - - -
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