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tail up or down?

This is a great topic and I'de like to add a little something. I'm restricted to shotguns here but actually don't feel under-gunned compared to rifles because with a good 12 gauge set up with good optics I have a very formidable weapon. A lead projectile that's almost 3/4 of an inch in diameter and traveling somewhere around 1400 FPS will knock most any deer down to stay if it's hit right. I hit one once a little too high and back only to have it hump up and fall over. (liver hit). Any hit in the center of the neck or shoulders will USUALLY stop any deer in his tracks. The foot pounds and damage of a 12 gauge is awesome. This year I was hunting with my son-in-law and saw a deer standing broadside at about 80 to 100 yards, I put the red dot just behind the shoulder and squeezed. The deer's tail went up and it ran off with it's head held high--normal exit. My son-in-law said I missed because of the tail being up--I said I think I hit it, the shot felt good. When we got to where the deer was, the tracks (on snow) looked normal for a running deer, but after going only about 30 yards it looked like someone was throwing red paint all around. That deer went about 50 yards after a direct hit in the lungs with a 12 gauge and the tail was UP. I've heard that old wive's tale before about the tell-tale tail--don't believe it. willp58
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