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Well, Flashhole, ------ that will depend on who you talk to.

I read it both ways, some of the crowd won't admit to owning anything if it is not blue.

Some I have read, have had and like both. Some have had both and like Hornady. Some have had both and returned to Dillon.

I have used single stage RCBS since the 60s, and tumbled for my first progressive late last year.

It sets proudly on my bench, and see no reason to change or doubt my purchase.

I really considered a progressive press for two reasons, I had a pile of Cabela's points, and Hornady was at that time sending 1000 "free" bullets with the purchase of a new LNL progressive.

It was dollars that decided for me, with the Hornady being far, FAR!!!!! less of an investment, plus much cheaper after the fact, for caliber changes etc..

Is my Hornady better then the Dillon? Maybe, maybe not, but more then likely equal with it's own querks just like the big blue one.

Have seen and heard many over the years, who only own/buy the best, at least in their opinion.

I'm that way with most Lee products, buying only limited and very specific products in their line. Some/many will disagree. Their choice!

Will you be happy with a Hornady LNL progressive? I think so, but if you have a history with a single stage, be aware there is a sizable learning curve ahead no matter what your choice.

Both Hornady and Dillon will support their products.

Keep em coming!

Crusty Deary Ol'Coot
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