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Usually, when someone tells me the trigger on a LW Commander feels rough, the first thing to do is find out why. There's no reason any 1911 should have a rough trigger. Matched triggers & sears are now available to make it easier to "drop in" a nice trigger.

The 9mm doesn't hammer the alloy frame near as much as the .45ACP. Nor do the 9mm's seem to need a feed ramp polishing very often. Polishing the rails won't do anything for you in the long run.

DO: Lubricate the gun well. I use Tetra grease or any good gun grease on the barrel & slide locking lugs. A thin film on the barrel & bushing as well as on the slide stop pin to ease it's later removal. For lubricating the plunger pins for the slide release & safety, as well as lubricating the firing pin, I like a drop of Dexron ATF because it creeps into the springs easier and helps remove any crud. ATF also works for the disconnector, mag release and pivot points.

Rails should be lubricated too. Tetra grease is good for CCW guns as it doesn't show up black if it contacts clothing. If I'm going to shoot it a lot at the range, I'll add a couple drops of oil to the rails and hand cycle a few times.
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