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Pete (darkgael) asked:
I'm not a metallurgist and so....this question -

hardened (and thus brittle)

Is that always true? Any metal that has been hardened is brittle?

Hawg Haggen responded:
Any metal that is hardened will break before it bends and a sear is very thin, so yes brittle fits.

This puts a new meaning to the old phrase: A trigger that breaks like glass.
Not all hardened parts are brittle. It depends on how it was hardened. Most are intended to be tough, not brittle. Thin parts are possible to chip, crack or break tho. Case hardening can be done to give a hard surface for wear resistance, and not hardened in the middle to give shock resistance, Drilling and tapping some bolt action receivers reveals this. After grinding through the hardened skin, it become easier to complete the drilling and tapping.

Been some interesting posts. Thanks for offering comments guys.

As to the firing pin between the rims, after I had several instances of the cylinder turning with the firing pin down between the rims, I messed with it some, there just wasn't much resistance to turning when carried that way in my guns. The make of cases, and degree of rim bevel may have some bearing on it, and why some haven't had troubles, I just don't know. Each can make their own decisions on the matter. I won't carry that way any longer tho.
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