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I would rate the Beretta 390/391 as the best semiauto. Ive had or have them all, and for durability and shootability give me a Beretta. They kick less and cycle light loads better than the Benellis, and are more adjustable for fit and less mechanically complicated than the Remingtons and Brownings.
Ive put 1500 rds through my 391 without a cleaning, just to see if it would do it. It did. They will cycle anything you put in them. I shot two boxes of 7/8skeet reloads today without a hiccup. Im probably close to 750 rounds since my last serious cleaning.
I have a 390 that has spent season after season getting immersed in salt water hunting coastal ducks. After 10 years I finally had to put a sure cycle kit in it. Its still going strong.
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