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Thanks Gaucho Gringo for that link to Bill's cases website. That is one of the few sites I have seen thus far offering DOUBLE cases for sale.

Arcticap, In addition to my Remingtons, I think I have that same Pietta 1860 Army model you were talking about. It differs from the one you described though in that although it is nickel and gold, it is not engraved.

Here's a pic of me holding it.....

and a better pic of it from the Traditions website.....

It sells at the Traditions firearms muzzle loading website for $349.00
I got a good deal on it at auction, unfired for $160.00

I have it and the two "1 of 5000 Remingtons". (I like nickel and gold plated revolvers)

I have seen the same like mine "1 of 5000" 1858 Remingtons selling at auction for around $500.00 each (and a little more sometimes).
So I know their approx value individually. What I don't know is how much having two consecutively numbered ones would increase the overall value by their being consecutively numbered, and how much having the original boxes would also increase their value. I really want to get a good display case for them.

Thanks everyone for their input and especially for the links to sites to get double cases for them.


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