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Hopefully this worked..

The Name in Pic #6 is "Expert"

As far as I can tell the text in Pic #7 says:

Dec. 15, 91, AUG 11,96, AUG 14 00, MAY 27, 02

I am presuming that the dates are 1891, 1896, 1900, and 1902...

The shotgun is a 12ga.. last time it was shot was by me in 1979.. high on a hill I shot a 12ga slug at a 16pt buck laying on the edge of the filed below me. I shot... and the thing knocked me on my ass bumping my head on the 641/2 Mustang behind me.... the shot hit right in front of him... he got up very calmly and walked off... the shell had expanded in the breech and I had to get into the car and get a screw driver to get it out... by the time I was reloaded... he was on the other side of the field walking down the river embankment... he never ran... un-fricking believable??? I don't blame you.. I was dumbfounded... never went deer hunting again...

Anyway here are the pics... all I have found out it that it possible may have a "Damascus" barrel and I should be careful what shells I use...

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