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I don't know if Kenny's warrenty changed or not...see if he has it posted. But they said to use Cowboy loads when the name was still R&D, I doubt tht it changed.
If ya buy one and load a standard load I think it would handle it ok. That new Howell is the 5shot 45colt, right?
I have two of the R&D .45Colt for a Rogers&Spencer and a Stainless one in an ROA I'd shoot any 45Colt loads thru(but that's me) Have one Kirst ,38spl gated for a 61 Colt Navy Pietta...the .44's are better to convert...bullet vs chamber and bore wise. I still am lookin' for a Uberti Rem NMA 1858 R&D 6 shot or 5 shot Kirst.
Here's Buffalo Arms link...
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