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I can think of a few 20th-century civil rights issues that either legitimately required fixes to the original document or were resolved by an interpretation that I don't consider to be a "mis-reading or mis-application" of the Constitution.
Yes, I should have said "current" rather than modern.

The issue of humanity was on the table from day one.

All "men"....

I am speaking of current issues that involve reading into, extrapolating and essentially creating out of thin air, "rights" that are not and never were intended to be presented.

Abortion. It's either not there at all (states rights) or it's forbidden by the "all men, inalienable rights" clause. Same with gay rights.

"Congress shall make no law...."

Current, and badly extrapolated. Another misapplication. This time, it's ONLY a federal issue. "Congress..."

The commerce clause.... my God, don't get me started.

We seriously need some reading comprehension classes in "Judge School" or something.
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