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Every modern civil rights issue stems from a mis-reading or mis-application of the existing document.

Every single one.

Gun rights.
Religious freedom.
Gay rights.

Where is abortion in the COTUS? If there's anything that would apply it's the idea of "all men" and "inalienable rights".

Where is the idea that a teacher praying at school violates the first amendment?

We had better learn to read what's there before we start adding more.

Actually, the current interpretations of the 2nd are MUCH closer to original intent that are many (most) other interpretations of the other amendments, and main body, of the COTUS.

"Congress shall make no law establishing a state religion."

Look where that has got us?!

Imagine if the 2nd was interpreted the way that clause has been interpreted?

We should thank our lucky stars at this point and concentrate on keeping what we have and fixing the other broken parts.

The last thing we need right now is more that can be misconstrued.
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