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Ok, I haven't posted a serious response here, because I think the question is well... kind of a "could Batman beat Superman" type of thing.

However, I think xonglennao nailed it:
Beretta 3901: A reintroduced Beretta 390 (now made in the USA), the best of the Beretta semi-autos since the A303 (the A304 is not generally available in this country). This is a great design, easily tuned by the addition of a Rich Cole Spring Kit. It is better thought out than the horrifically over-engineered 391 series that displaced the A390: purportedly to reduce "barrel vibration" that the 390 never had, with the addition of a multiple-piece (seven!) fore end cap.
I bought the Rich Cole spring kit, but haven't found a need for it. I actually have 2 390's. I have never had a failure of any kind through many thousands of rounds. One of these is synthetic stocked and is used pretty much for hunting only. It has been dunked in the mud, and generally abused in all the ways hunting guns get abused, but it still refuses to fail.

The assessment of the 391 is also dead on. It has many "solutions" to problems that never existed.

I am unfamiliar with the Browning Gold other than a friend owns one and really likes it.
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