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Well, based on 30+ years of shooting, and over 2 decades of being a gun fixer, I probably have a little different opinion from most about what makes for the best semi-auto shotgun. IMO, the best all around semi-auto shotgun ever is the Browning A5, dead relaible no matter what, and relatively hunter-proof. A very close second is the Benelli M2. Gas-operted shotguns like the Beretta, Browning Gold and Silver, Winchester SuperX2, Remington 100, 11-87, etc, all have issues with gas systems sooner or later. Not a huge issue, but they require parts and cleaning in order to remain in working order. Recoil operated guns, on the other hand (including Benelli's "Inertia Operated" system) can go and go and go and go and go with nary a hiccup. Costs more, but worth it.
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