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CQB Match advice please

A range near me is hosting a pistol/rifle CQB match this weekend. My question is what option should I go with? I never have had a malfunction as of yet with options 1-4.

#1 AR15 sbr, 10.5" barrel, with a Eotech or iron sights.
#2 AR15, 16" barrel, with a Eotech or iron sights.

#3 AK47 sbr, (Saiga) 7.62x39, 8" barrel, iron sights.
#4 AK47, 16" barrel, iron sights.

#5 AR15 sbr, 5" barrel, 9mm with or without suppressor.
>>NOT REALLY CONSIDERING, due to occasional malfunctions<<

Pistol I will be using is a Glock 19.

Thanks for the help & advice,
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