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I think you are misunderstanding me, I'm not going to file anything down or grind anything off or down. I was reading a couple of Smiths web sites, and all of them reference to polishing the throat area and polishing some other parts to give it more of smooth action. I do realize I have to put some rounds down range and that will help out alot, any suggestions on ammo? I was going to feed 115 gr. FMJ through her for a while, and then switch to JHP's.
Good cleaning afterwards and some dry-firing with racking the slide to cock the hammer every time should help break it in a little faster anyway. I'm hitting the range with it tomorrow, I plan on puting about 2-300 rounds down pipe if the weather and the lord allow it. I know the more you shoot, the better the action gets, I have never felt the action on a Colt 1911 so stiff and rough before.
As far as the Alloy frame is concerned, what can I do to help minimize the damage to the frame? And how will pollishing the throat hurt the gun if every gunsmith does it?

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