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Ear Pro Alternatives

I did some searching through the forums and I found a few threads on ear-pro, but nothing too recent or comprehensive, so I'm going to throw this out there.

Personally, I do not like wearing muffs on the range. They add weight to my head and since my line of work doesn't require wearing a helmet, I'd rather not have the weight when I train. That being the case, the fancy electronic muffs are out of the question, while they are an excellent ear-pro option.

Basic foam plugs are decent, I think they do a well-enough job unless you have somebody dumping .50 Cal or a .30-06 next to you. Even at an indoor range I've been fine with standard foam plugs, no loss of hearing or ringing after 12+ years.

I've been trying to track down foam "combat" plugs that a buddy of mine who worked at the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) used to have a stock of. They attentuate pretty strongly over 90dB but allow normal conversation. They were designed (I believe) as a small, light, disposable option for artillery gunners, tankers, etc.

Searching the web, I came across an offering from Surefire that I'm very interested in. The "EP-6 Signature Series," at $14 a pair they are definitely worth a shot, and they claim 3-6month lifetime with proper care, and depending on frequency of use. Anybody have experience with Surefire's ear-pro? They appear to be a great option for hunters as well, who want to protect their ears, but don't want to wear bulky muffs for hours waiting for their shot.

Anything else comparable to those that somebody could recommend? I'm looking for under $20/pair that allows normal conversation while attenuating blast.

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