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Yes, I do have 2 shotguns that can fill a HD role, but you know I just happen to like shotguns....much more so than my rifles or my handguns. I wouldn't frequent this sub-forum if I did not. On that note, no I have no proper training on a shotgun, or any certificates from attending any shotgunning courses, like you may have. But what I do have is experience with them, almost 13 years worth, since I was given my first shotgun by my grandfather, which was a single-shot 20GA H&R Model 58. Awesome little shotgun, and still works like a charm. I have never claimed to be an ''expert", nor do I know everything about shotguns....heck I've never even shot trap. But what I do know is that I enjoy firearms, specifically shotguns, just like some people may enjoy fixing up old cars. Would you say the same to someone who owned 20 classic cars? I think not.So with that note, I think if I or anyone else has the want to buy another shotgun or any firearm for that matter, for a HD role or sporting role, or any role, its THEIR choice to make, with THEIR hard earned money.
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