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Live Free: 1975. Not much detail to add, other than to note that the Model 19 is a very popular revolver, and this one has the desirable - to many - pinned barrel and the recessed or counterbored cylinder (P&R). It's a K-frame with a little beefing up in the yoke area to help it stand up to heavy loads, but it will loosen up a bit quicker than, for example, an N-frame like the Models 27/28. Unless you intend to pound full .357 loads through it day in and day out that's probably not a major consideration, though I'd check it out carefully to make sure that's not what the previous owner(s) did. See Jim March's stickied post at the top of this Forum in that regard.

S&WK22: 1962. In the condition you describe, probably in the $700 range or even more in this neck of the woods (Boston area). Not sure about the rest of the country.
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