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Mike Irwin
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"A quote feature should be added to the forum, so that all that copy and paste stuff can be avoided."


At one time APS did have a quote feature.

It was badly abused.

People would quote lengthy messages just to comment on a small section or, worse, just to add +1, attaboy, you bet, or some other such equally inane comment.

Then that post would get quoted for an equally worthless add, it would be quoted again and again, and soon you'd have a mass attack of the Quotards, particularly silly and mindless posters who, in their desire to get in on the action, hit the quote button to everyone's detriment.

It quickly got out of hand.

Having a somewhat convoluted quoting process forces posters to actually THINK about what they're quoting.

You see how I handled it at the top of my message? Two quote marks a little C&P, and I'm good to go.
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